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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

510 4XL Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer - 1.5 ohm

510 4XL Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer - 1.5 ohm
Available in stainless and black

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510 XXXXL Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer - 1.5 ohm, 4.5ml - Black or Stainless - w/rubber whistle tip

The 4X Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers are the latest (and biggest) cartomizers designed exclusively to fit standard 510 threaded PV's.  These are huge volume 4X Mega sized cartomizers which hold over 5x the amount of e-liquid as a standard carto. Two 3.0 ohm coils run in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.5 ohms. These produce huge amounts of vapor due to the greater heating area of the dual coils and have less potential to burn due to the higher individual resistance of each coil. New improved filler material is more absorbent and provides better wicking to the coils. They are easily refilled just by dripping into the top, being careful not to fill into the center hole. 
Filling with a syringe and 18g sharp needle is our preferred method, then topping off as needed.

Our Ego B Drip tip work great on these if you want a round, hard delrin tip instead of the soft rubber whistle tip.  If you have this tip, then our Carto/Atty Cleaner & Filler Kit works great to clean and reuse these cartomizers!

You can use the 4XDCC on other 510 devices like our SmokBox Mod without needing an adapter.  They can be used on an eGo as well, with the addition of a DCT Cone to dress it up nicely.
Remember to keep them WET! They may burn if you run them too dry!
NOTE: These may shorten the life of eGo, 510, 901 or other mosfet driven batteries. Low resistance Dual Coil cartomizers should be used with 3.7 volt mods with a switch capable of handling 2.5 or more amps. Some people report that these work great on 5 and 6 volt devices, (I like them best at around 4.2 volts under load on the SmokBox VariCool). Protection circuits on some batteries may see these as a short and cause them to shut down.
Due to the nature of cartomizers, we cannot offer warranty or replacement except if DOA.
5 Stars
I love these cartomizers so much! Been vaping for 6 years bought all the fancy tanks. Turn up your noses vaping "conissieurs" I always come back to these. No burnt taste, plenty of vapor, holds lots of juice, the flavor is great, love the rubber tips. I guess I've been lucky too have gotten very few DOA. My one problem I have now is finding them!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Louisville KY. on 5/11/2016
5 Stars
Best tank I have every used. Lasts so much longer than others I have tried and a great price! I highly recommend!
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Reviewed by:  from Arlington, TN. on 3/16/2014
4 Stars
Long lasting
These are workable at 3.7v~4.2v range, and they are 1.5 ohms, which means you need a heavy duty variable voltage battery, and at minimum that is the 1300mah Winder. These cartos are also slightly too large and so you spend more time filling, less time vaping. Keeping this big carto wet is a full time job and THAT is annoying. A smaller carto, like 3ml will work better than these. You should buy the shorty version instead! The only reason that I gave these too large cartos as much as 4 stars is because these are durable. No annoying wick burning ordeals like CE4, Kanger, Vivi Nova, or single coil cartomizers.
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Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 10/18/2013
5 Stars
My Provari loves you for stocking these!
I am blown away by the performance of these with my Provari. HUGE clouds of vapor! Best cartos I have found! Will be buying a lot more of these!
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Reviewed by:  from Louisiana. on 4/1/2013
5 Stars
Student: Mathematical Finances, teach math:-)
When I buy big cartomizer, I buy these. They gives a great hit, has double coil and fits into all 510. They are rather cheap too, and smoktek are very fast to send me what I ordered. Well, great cartomizer for a good prize:-)
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Reviewed by:  from Kristiansand - Norway. on 4/25/2012
5 Stars
Love the draw with a Provari at 4.8 volts. Not airy, not too much pull. Durable, easy to fill (they hold as much as a large tank). I've been rotating 10 of these for about two months with no DOA's or signs of slowing down.
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Reviewed by:  from New Orleans, Louisiana. on 4/15/2012

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