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Dual Coil XL Tank Cartomizer for the SmokTank XL
For the 3.5ml and 6ml SmokTank!
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Dual Coil XL Tank Cartomizer for the SmokTank XL
Item Id: ST-Tank-Carto-DC-XL review

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Dual Coil XL Tank replacement 510 cartomizer w/flange and 1, 2 or 3 holes, your choice. Designed for the 2.5ml, 3.5ml and 6ml SmokTank XL (U-DCT, Artemas).

(In-stock items are shown above in the "Resistance & Holes" dropdown box, a no show means it's out of stock)

2-hole 1.5Ω DC will be in by 6/13. Also available in 3.0 ohm 1-hole with 1.5mm hole diameter!

Available in 1.25 and 1.5 ohm for use with 3.7v PV's - 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 ohm for 5-7v PV's.
  • The 2.5 Ω carto has two 5 ohm coils run in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 2.5 ohms.
  • The 2.0 Ω carto has two 4 ohm coils run in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 2.0 ohms. 
  • The 1.5 Ω carto has two 3 ohm coils run in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.5 ohms.
  • The 1.25 Ω carto has two 2.5 ohm coils run in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.25 ohms.
These produce huge amounts of vapor due to the greater heating area of the dual coils and have less potential to burn due to the higher individual resistance of each coil. New improved filler material is more absorbent and provides better wicking to the coils.

Remember to prime the carto properly and keep them WET! They may burn if you run them too dry!
  • Please don't use the 2.0Ω or 2.5Ω on 3.7v PV's (not enough voltage), they work best on 5 - 7 volt devices!

  • The 1.25 and 1.5Ω cartos may shorten the life of eGo, 510, 901 or other mosfet driven batteries. Low resistance Dual Coil cartomizers should be used with 3.7 volt mods with a switch capable of handling 2.5 or more amps. Protection circuits on some batteries may see these as a short and cause them to shut down.
Due to the nature of cartomizers, we cannot offer warranty, exchange or returns except if DOA.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review View All Reviews
Enjoyable choice
Normally, I buy the Dual Coil XL with "1.25 ohm (2 hole)", but I decided to try the "1.5 ohm (2 hole)" variation. Both work well with my setup (Artemas Tank with an 1,100mAh Ego battery. I recommend either of these variations to anyone with a similar setup.
Reviewed by: Edward Vaillancourt from New England. on 8/3/2014
Still my go-to carto
The carto that turned me away from boge's a long time ago continue to make me feel like I made the right decision.
Reviewed by: ANTHONY DEROSA from West Harrison NY. on 4/8/2014
My go-to cart- I have used both the 2 hole & the 3 hole...both work great. I would think that for thicker juice, the 3 hole would be a little better. Great product!
Reviewed by: Eric from Maryland. on 3/31/2014
xl tank cartomizer
the flange on the bottom of the cartomizer is the greatest idea ever this tank wont leak even i wanted it to and i spent plenty of money on all kinda of carto tanks and they all leak the o-ring idea is fool proof i bought 6 more of theses cartos for back up 1.2 ohms one or two hole works perfect for me using the first one for 3 weeks and it is still going strong all of my smok tek products are quality thanks
Reviewed by: david klopacz from new jersey. on 1/29/2014
First Carto I have owned
I just recently bought a XL Smoke tank for my Vamo. At first I was disappointed with it, I won't getting much off of it. Then I tried something different, I had my Vamo set on RMS mode for my other Clearos. So I changed it to MEAN mode set it to 3.7V and EVERYTHING CHANGED!! Now I am getting tons of vapor, No more burnt taste and the flavor is more like it should be.
Reviewed by: kevin lloyd from Va. on 12/21/2013
2 Hole Carto's
While I LOVE Smoktek, I have learned that I don't love 2 hole cartomizers. I like a "Good" hit, so I've found that 3 hole carto's work best for my DCT tank. I resorted to 2 hole only because everywhere seems to always be "out of stock" of the 3 hole. I want to add, Smoktek has been wonderful with customer service!!! I've only had one problem with a dud battery and I had a new one at my house 2 days later!! Thanks Smoktek!! KEEP ON VAPING!!!!
Reviewed by: Jennifer Plagenhoef from Atlanta, Ga. on 12/11/2013
El mejor carto ...
Ni una sola falla hasta ahora, muy buen precio y calidad en este producto!
Reviewed by: Nestor Mena from Asuncion. on 11/26/2013
Only ones I buy
These are the best cartomizer out! I have tried all the "big name brands" and out of a 5 pack I at least have one bunk one. I have ordered 10 the last 2 times I have purchased these and not one was bad, excuse me one had a little bit harder draw than the others but still not bad. If you use cartos these are the ones to buy. Fit all my tanks perfect. Use the 1.5 two hole dual coils at about 4.8 volts 13.5 watts and it's just an amazing vape. This with the locking carto tanks are unstoppable! Keep up the great work. Would like to see some colors on those tanks though hahaha.
Reviewed by: Andrew from Cali. on 9/8/2013
Dual Coil XL Tank Cartomizer for the SmokTank 1.25 Ohm - 3 hole - Works!
3 Holes is one too many for my 50/50 blend liquid and very long draws, but, if you need more flow it provides. Super low Z 1.25 Ohm has more vapor than 1.5. Heats up more. Didn't burn out though, even with my very long, multiple button press draws. Always find and follow priming directions. Look for the "fill tank and draw half in" method rather than trying to drip into end of cartomizer. Last one week free flowing, another week or two before draw resistance and performance declines to where I replace them (thicker 50/50 mix). Get several at once. Occasionally one burns even though I primed well - same as other brands. No D.O.A.'s.
Reviewed by: Michael Suffern from Denver, CO. on 8/13/2013
Prepare for a dirty looking vape
b 4 you say it I don't need to lower the voltage. never got it above 6watts. by the time the first tankfull got to 1/2 the liquid was dark discolored. not a fan of carttanks.... simple and easy yes thumbs down. ill stick with bcc's
Reviewed by: Martin Johnson from Norcal. on 7/14/2013
Nice Price, great Smoktek quality
I bought 30 of these b/c they work so well. If you have trouble with these, it's your own fault. Perfect for 3.7-4.5v imho.
Reviewed by: Joe from South Jersey. on 6/24/2013
Full of juice not fail
1.5ohm dual coil on 5v is a great combination. 2-hole feeds perfectly with 60/40 PG/VG juices, 1-hole feeds good with no leaks for the thinner stuff like 30/70 PG/VG. For thicker than 60/40 you'll want a 3-hole. These guys are currently out of 2-hole 1.5s so I'm going to try a 3-hole with my 60/40 stuff. I don't suspect it'll leak.
Reviewed by: KYT from Louisville. on 5/30/2013
VV +VW's good friend
These are my go to carts for my DCT's. They absorb liquid very well in the filling process and the 2 hole design make thicker VG juices wick properly. These are true 3 ohm carts. Crank em at high settings for best performance. Once broken in, work great! Inot noticed that they inhibit flavor at all. I use them on my VAMO for the most part and they handle the load.
Reviewed by: Craig from Pittsburgh. on 5/27/2013
Reviewed by: Nancy from Skokie. on 5/25/2013
DCT cartos 2ohm 2 hole
Work perfect just right for me and my Provari and Vamo
Reviewed by: Patrick Dunham from Spokane, WA. on 5/23/2013

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