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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eleaf iStick TC60W APV - Black

Eleaf iStick TC60W APV - Black
Compact size and lets you switch easily between Variable Watt and Temperature Control mode

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DISCONTINUED-Eleaf iStick TC60W body only-blk frame-blk


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Eleaf iStick TC60W, Variable Watt/Temperature Control APV (body only) in Black

Eleaf iStick TC60W Mod with Kanger Subtank MiniPart of the popular iStick series, the Eleaf iStick TC60W is a Variable Wattage and Temperature Control mod.

A main benefit of Temperature Control is the ability to avoid burnt or "dry hits" while vaping - this can result from over-heating the coil, or from heating a coil that is dry, due to a low e-liquid level inside the atomizer. In temperature mode, the iStick TC60W allows you to adjust between 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit (or 100-315 degrees Celsius), and can support the use of Nickel (Ni200) and Titanium wire. In Variable Wattage mode, this mod has a 60 watt maximum output.

Another great feature of the iStick TC60W is that it does not come with a built-in battery. Instead, it offers the convenience of a user-replaceable battery, so you can quickly swap out a drained battery for a freshly charged one as needed. This latest iStick sports a new look for this series: atomizers mount at the center top of the device, rather than at one end along the top. The iStick TC60W retains all the key features that make iSticks so popular with vapers: a small size, an ergonomic design with rounded edges, and user-friendly operation.  

The Eleaf iStick TC60W mod is a great, budget-friendly introduction to Temperature Control vaping. The side and shape of this device make it very comfortable in the hand. And, with a removable battery, it means you never have to wait for your battery to charge - just swap out a drained battery for a freshly-charged one and keep on vaping! The iStick TC60W mod features all standard protections like Short Circuit, Low Voltage, and more. 

Using the iStick TC60W

The iStick TC60W has a bright, easy to read OLED screen which displays your output power, temperature setting and mode (TC-Ni or TC-Ti), atomizer resistance, and battery life at a glance. The iStick TC60W features a stainless steel spring-loaded 510 connection, ensuring that virtually any 510-threaded atomizer will make a secure connection with the device. The iStick TC60W can accommodate atomizers with a diameter up to 26mm with no overhang, including the Aspire Triton (22.5mm) or Kanger Subtank Plus (25mm).

Using the iStick TC60W is easy. To turn the unit ON or OFF, press the square Power button on the side of the mod 5 times in quick succession. To switch between Variable Wattage (VW) and Temperature Control (TC-Ni or TC-Ti) mode, long press the Menu button (the smallest button). The display will cycle through all 3 modes - release the button when you have reached your desired mode.

In Variable Wattage (VW) mode, pressing the elongated Adjustment button (above the Menu button) on the upside or downside will increase or decrease the wattage in 0.1W increments. Wattage will increase/decrease slowly at first - to adjust at a constant high speed, long-press. Your selection can be Locked to prevent accidentally changing your watt setting by simply holding down both ends of the elongated button simultaneously for 2 seconds. The iStick TC60W can be Unlocked the same way when you need to adjust your wattage setting again.

In Temperature Control mode (TC-Ni or TC-Ti), adjust temperature up or down by pressing the upside or downside of the Adjustment button. Long-press to adjust at a constant high speed. To adjust your wattage output while in temperature mode, keep pressing the Menu and the upside (or downside) of the Adjustment buttons simultaneously to increase (or decrease) wattage. To Lock in your atomizer resistance in temperature mode, press the square Power button and upside of the Adjustment button simultaneously for 2 seconds. A small lock symbol will appear next to your atomizer resistance on the OLED screen (when Unlocked the same way, the lock symbol will be replaced by an ohm sign.) Please lock the resistance when the atomizer coil is at room temperature, so that the mod can display the correct "base resistance".

In Lock mode, when you remove the coil and then put it back, the mod can maintain the same "base resistance", although the coil resistance may increase due to the rise in temperature. In Unlock mode, when you remove the coil and then put a coil back, the screen may display "New coil up same down", as the coil resistance may increase within a certain range. If it is the same coil, press the downside of the Adjustment button. If it a new/fresh coil, press the upside of the Adjustment button. Please always Unlock the atomizer resistance before changing out to a coil head with a different resistance.

The iStick TC60W features ventilation holes at the bottom to ensure appropriate heat dissipation. The mod uses 1 x flat top 18650 High Drain IMR battery. Please only use High Drain batteries with a high amp limit (minimum 20A) in this device. To insert the battery, remove the magnetic battery back cover, and insert the battery cell over the ribbon with the negative pole pointing down. The cell will fit snugly inside the device, but it is easy to remove by pulling on the ribbon inside the cell compartment. 

When your battery's remaining power is less than 10% and needs to be charged, the battery icon on the OLED screen will flash. You may replace the battery with a freshly charged one. Or, you may choose to take advantage of on-board charging, and charge your battery while it is still inside the device. To do so, plug a micro USB charge cable into the micro USB port on the bottom of the device, and then plug into your computer, OR into a wall adapter and into a wall outlet. The battery icon on the OLED screen will continue flashing while the battery charges, and the OLED screen will go out once the battery is fully charged. You can also take out the battery and choose to charge it separately with an appropriate Li-Ion battery charger. Please note: Unlike other iSticks, the iStick TC60W is not advertised as a Pass-through device, so we do not recommend vaping and charging at the same time. Choose the Make It a Kit option to get High Drain batteries, and chargers at a discounted price!

Please note: Temperature Control requires the use of Titanium OR Nickel (Ni200) coils. Always use a coil head matching the mode you are using on the iStick TC60W. Regular kanthal coils are to be used in Variable Wattage mode only. Use Ni200 wire coils in temperature control mode set to TC-Ni. Use Titanium wire in temperature control mode set to TC-Ti. When using Ni200 or Titanium coils, we recommend starting out at a low temperature setting, and increasing gradually to taste. Make sure your temperature control coils are at room temperature when using a fresh/new coil.

Eleaf iStick TC60W Features:

  • 5-Click the Power button to turn unit ON/OFF
  • Long-press the Menu button to switch between Variable Wattage and Temperature Control (TC-Ni or TC-Ti) Mode
  • Variable Wattage: from 1.0 - 60.0 W in 0.1 watt increments
  • Temperature Control: from 200 - 600 degrees Fahrenheit (or 100 - 315 degrees Celsius)
  • Minimum/Maximum Atomizer Resistance: In Variable Wattage mode - 0.15 ohm - 3.5 ohm. In Temperature Control mode - 0.05 ohm - 1.0 ohm.
  • Stealth Mode: Vape with the OLED screen off. To turn Stealth mode ON/OFF, press the Power button and downside of the Adjustment button simultaneously when the device is shut off.
  • Adjustment Button Lock: Lock your wattage setting while in Variable Wattage mode to prevent accidental changes. To Lock/Unlock, press the upside and downside of the Adjustment button - the screen will display "Lock" or "Unlock".
  • Atomizer Resistance Lock: Lock in the atomizer resistance in Temperature Control mode. Press the Power button and the upside of the Adjustment button simultaneously for 2 seconds to Lock/Unlock the atomizer "base resistance". When Locked, a symbol of a small lock will display next to the atomizer resistance on the OLED screen. When Unlocked, an ohm sign will display instead. Please note: Make sure the coil is at room temperature before Locking it to ensure the device reads the correct resistance.
  • Switch OLED Screen Orientation: Rotate the OLED screen display 180 degrees. Press the upside and downside of the Adjustment button simultaneously when the device is shut off.
  • 10-second Safety Cutoff: Pressing the Power button for more than 10 seconds will cause the device to shut off. The OLED screen will display "Over 10s".
  • Short Circuit Protection: If an atomizer short occurs, the OLED will display "Atomizer Short".
  • No Atomizer Protection: If the attached atomizer is not making a proper connection with the device, the OLED screen will display "No Atomizer". Verify that your atomizer is screwed onto the device properly.
  • Low Voltage Protection: If battery voltage falls below 3.3V, the OLED screen will display "Lock". Charge the battery to unlock the device.
  • Temperature Protection: In TC-Ni and TC-Ti mode, if the actual temperature of the coil is higher than the set temperature, the OLED screen will display "Temp Protection".
  • Temperature Alert: If the device overheats past the alert temperature, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display "Device Too Hot". Set the iStick aside and allow to cool down completely before continuing use.

1 x iStick TC60W (body only) (High Drain Battery, and other accessories are not included. You can get these at a discounted price when you select the Make it a Kit option above)
1 x User Manual

The Eleaf iStick TC60W Full Kit is also available. 

Size: Length 90mm (3.54") / Width 38mm (1.49")  / Diameter ~26mm (1.02")

Our standard 30 day warranty covers defective product.

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