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Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomizer for 510/eGo/MVP, 2ohm
The Innokin iClear
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Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomizer for 510/eGo/MVP, 2ohm
Item Id: Innokin iClear 16 DC Clearo, 2ohm
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Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomizer for MVP/510/eGo - 2.0 ohm

This is the newest Dual Coil clearomizer designed for the iTaste MVP but works with all 510 threaded eGo's or other 510 devices with an adapter. It has 2 long wicks (1 per coil) for more consistent flow of juice to the coils in any position.  Dual coils provide much more vapor and better flavor than single coil designs.

Innokin iClear Dual Coil Replacement Coil HeadAll parts are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Easy to fill with a squeeze bottle by unscrewing the tip, tilting and dripping into the side (try not to get liquid in the center, that is for air flow).  Fits nicely on an eGo and the newer APV's with native eGo connection. Holds about 1.6 mL of e-Liquid.

Price is for a single piece.

Innokin iClear Coil Heads

Please note: Due to the nature of cartomizers, we cannot offer warranty, exchange or returns except if DOA.
Customer Reviews
Best Small Clearos
  These are my go-to clearos. I almost never get dry or burnt hits with them. The only drawback for me is that they don't hold much liquid, so there is a lot of refilling involved. I find they last at least 3-4 days and they are economical because you can buy replacement coils for them.
  Reviewed by:  Paula Horvath from Virginia. on 1/28/2015
very good clearomizer
  I was excitedly anticipating this clearos arrival, but was somewhat disappointed, because i thought it was going to be better than any clearomizer i have previously owned; initially this was not the case. the performance seemed to get better the more i used it, and it works great now. the kanger esmart bcc was my clearo of choice for a while, and although it might not hit as heavy, it provides a tastier vapor, and has a better all around construction. smoktek is my primary vapor provider, and with good reason.
  Reviewed by:  Timothy Inselmann from long island. on 11/7/2014
tasty, but...
  I must have got a bad batch. The first four died out slowly within a day or less, but these things give the BEST taste, so I am going to try another bunch. I cant possibly be so unlucky to get another defective lot, can I? Ordered the iClear 30 and stopped using the 16 for now because of being bummed out.
  Reviewed by:  Rick Corrigan from Alaska. on 7/19/2014
  I give them 5 stars. They hit the best and for the longest ! ! !
  Reviewed by:  Russell from Walker, Louisiana. on 3/28/2014
fantastic service, great quality, free int. shipping
  Clearomiers are much better quality and cheaper than what is locally available. Shipment is free and smoktek is very thoughtfulto put 0$ value to avoid import duties.
  Reviewed by:  frans hermsen from brunei darussalam. on 9/30/2013
Best for Taste
  I've tried it all, and this provides the best vaping experience HANDS DOWN. The flavor and throat hit are very satisfying. Only 2 problems for which I dropped 1 star: When I drop my Vamo while this clearomizer is attached, when I try to remove it, the iClear unscrews at the TANK threads (leaving the coil head attached to the Vamo but not the tank), causing ejuice to spill out everywhere. This can also cause the tank to crack near the threads which leads to leaking. The iClear 30 has none of these issues, due to its sturdy construction, but its flavor is metalic, and doesn't compare with the iClear 16. Bottom line, if you don't drop your ecig, or you buy spare parts/units for the iClear 16, it will provide an unmatched vaping experience.
  Reviewed by:  Sean Winger from Markdale, Ontario. on 9/2/2013
Innokin iClear 16 review.
  These are great clearos, I bought a bunch and not one has had any problems or broken yet. No leaking issues, no coil issues, nothing. I have one clearo that has been used almost all day for a few weeks now with no issues. I really like these units and will continue to buy them. Much better than Ce4's. I love the dual coil, much more vapor and faster. Good, efficient wicks. Great units. iClears rocks.
  Reviewed by:  Jared from Orlando, FL. on 8/29/2013
Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil
  Best Ever. They are really satisfying. I get about 10 days to 2 weeks out of a head, witch I feel is good for the price. From time to time I drop my Mod and sometimes they end up leaking but The complete unit is inexpensive so I'm happy all around.
  Reviewed by:  StephenJP from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. on 8/26/2013
iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomizer
  It worked for about a three days and suddenly stopped. I had another one but I keep it as my back up just in case my Vivi nova goes bad. The issues was the clearomizer.
  Reviewed by:  John from Orange, CA. on 5/30/2013
  i got these on the hourly deal.. for the price there is nothing better.. works great
  Reviewed by:  gene arwine from still earth. on 5/30/2013
iclear 16
  I just started vaping about two months ago and started with a ce4 clearomiser single coil unit which made me wonder about vaping if I even wanted to keep doing it due the the bad flavor but this item totally changed my mind around and made me love it I went 2 weeks on a single coil due to the ease of cleaning the unit the amount of vapor is supurb and chain vaping for a bit before I got that hot burnt flavor I didnt like I recomend this un8t to new and experianced vapors
  Reviewed by:  mark butters from elko nv. on 4/27/2013
Great Clearomizer
  The iClear 16 is an awesome dual coil clearomizer. A lot of vapor and the taste comes through great on these. The dual coils last a long time too.
  Reviewed by:  Michael from Everett, Wa.. on 4/27/2013
Best stealth clearo
  Had these a few weeks now, they go like steam trains. Only pipped by the i30s (big brother) for device matching and higher capacity at this level. Big fan of the series. Grab some 1.5 Ohm replacement coils to change them up and see what works for you.
  Reviewed by:  Mark Sowerby from Oklahoma. on 4/16/2013
Hands down the best Slim factor Clearo on the Market
  I am fairly new to e-cigs, but I have already tried just about every slim clearo on the market. This unit blows the others out of the water. I can't believe the amount of vap I am getting from my iclear 16. I have upgraded to the Ego Twist and vaping at approx 4.2v the taste is great and the vapor is thick with no scortching. The dual coil 2 ohm units have a very long life, so why even try anything else?
  Reviewed by:  Walter E from Dallas/Ft Worth. on 4/16/2013
  I love these, they're better than the dual coil cartomizers I had before, and much better than the single clearomizers.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from California. on 4/1/2013
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