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Sigelei ZMAX Variable Power, VV APV Kit - Stainless

Sigelei ZMAX Variable Power, VV APV Kit - Stainless
Native eGo connection accepts clearomizers

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Sigelei ZMAX Variable Power (adjustable wattage) VV APV, Rev.3 - StainlessSigelei Stainless ZMAX Adjustable Wattage APV

The ZMAX Advanced Personal Vaporizer by Sigelei is sleek, powerful, reliable, full featured and very well built. With this new device, Voltage or Wattage is variable 3-6 volts or 3-15 watts respectively, using a single 18650 or two 18350 IMR batteries with the included extender cap. Check atomizer/carto resistance and battery voltage too!  

Rev. 3 Zmax has a menu item (#8) which enables you to switch between RMS and mean value voltage monitoring.  The RMS mode is more accurate because it samples the output voltage repeatedly while it is powering an atomizer or cartomizer.  It is with these measurements that it is able to adjust for heat related Voltage drift.

With it's 4 Amp output, it is sure to rock whatever device you want to run on it.  We are providing this kit as a dual 18350 system because it provides more power in this configuration than a single 18650 does, although the single 18650 mode is fine for most people running less than 12 watts and it lasts a bit longer. 

This version has a non-lighted clear button and very easy to read 2 line OLED display that can be turned off. It has the native eGo/510 connection so it will run the Vision eGo Clearomizers, CE4/5 and other eGo devices without adapters. Run 808 devices as well with a 510-808 adapter.

The ZMAX requires two high power 18350 IMR batteries, and an extender cap which are included in this kit. It can also run one 18650 IMR battery. It will work with flat or button top IMR's and protected Li-Ion 18650 batteries.

Never use non-rechargeable batteries in this or any other e-cig device! Only use the recommended batteries for this unit, it's for your safety.

The ZMAX has an 8 feature menu which is accessed by pressing the fire button 3 times.

Menu order:
  1. Out/On. Turns the device on or off.
  2. Power/Voltage up. Raises the power or voltage up.
  3. Power/Voltage Down. Lowers the power or voltage.
  4. Battery Voltage. Shows remaining battery voltage.
  5. LCD Display. Change what is diplayed on your screen during use. Resistance, Battery Voltage, or Output power/voltage
  6. LCD on/off. Turns the LCD screen on or off during use.
  7. Power / Voltage setting. Allows you to set the output to power(watts) or Voltage.
  8. RMS & Mean Setting. Allows you to use RMS or Mean output for Power/Voltage. (RMS being the more accurate)
The Sigelei Zmax Kit includes the following:
  • 1 Stainless Zmax Body 
  • 2 IMR 18350 Batteries (800mAh) 
  • 1 Dual 18350 charger 
  • 1 Attractive gift box
  • 1  2.8ohm 1.6ml Clearomizer
  • 2 Bottom Caps for 18650 or 18350 batteries
We also carry the Chrome Sigelei ZMAX, check it out!
Chrome Sigelei ZMAX Adjustable Wattage APV
5 Stars
I have the stainless Rev.3 and it's perfect. Vaping all day off a set of 18350's. It's durable and not a fingerprint magnet. My kit came with two caps, one for the 18650 and a longer one for shorty 18350's (Trustfire 18350's require the longer cap, sold here). The 510 adapter was needed for the Kanger Protank, T2 and T3's. Thanks for the reviews and quick shipping. Take the time and do what you can. The legislature is trying to regulate eCig's. Oklahoma's SB 802 (4/16/13) for example. Freedom isn't free, you have to fight for it. Fear Kills Freedom.
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Reviewed by:  from Chicago, IL. on 4/26/2013
4 Stars
Love it although mistake in description.
Been using this for just about a month now and it is fantastic. The screen is great, the performance is stellar, and it is very consistent. The Sigelei ZMax has every feature that you want in a PV. I am only taking a star off because the description states that it has ego threading when the version that I received does not. Slight disappointment but I have an adapter so not a huge deal.
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Reviewed by:  from Cape Girardeau, MO. on 2/19/2013
5 Stars
Sigelei Zmax
Loving my Zmax. Had it now for almost a month. It did not have ego threads and the 510 connector was a little tilted. Also did not have the air flow slots on the 510 connector. All were easily fixed. I do not have any ego threaded clearomizers at this time so the lack of ego threads is not a big deal. I ordered at the end of December, maybe I have a revision 2. However, even with all that, I still love it and would recommend it and Smoktek is a great vendor!!! I will order from them again!!!!
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Reviewed by:  from El Paso, TX.. on 1/21/2013
5 Stars
Serious Vaper
I just received my brushed SS Z Max Sigelei today after a very long wait due to some USPS mixed up. I love this unit very much. Of course it does everything it is suppose to do and perfoming very well. I own a Provari V2, but I prefer using this Z Max because of the adjustable power feature. How does it compare with the Provari? At thesame voltage settings at (RMS set on Z max) there is no discernable difference at all. A watt is a watt and don't let anyone tell you anything differently. Very good looking device at a reasonable price. I highly recommend SmokTek. This by the way is a kit with 2 18350s and a charger and an atomizer.
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Reviewed by:  from Long Beach, California. on 1/8/2013

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