Aspire Atlantis & Kanger Subtank Mini
We compare a new line of products inspired by demanding vapers.

2014 was an exciting year for tank clearomizers.
 It saw the release of the groundbreaking and highly lauded Aspire Atlantis and Kanger Subtank series. Both feature innovative sub ohm coils, which can offer vapers a flavor and vapor experience on par with Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs) – all in the non-intimidating, user-friendly design familiar to every clearomizer user. But, how do you decide which one is right for you?

The Aspire Atlantis – A Clearomizer for the Cloud-chasing Vaper

The Atlantis is a 2 ml sub ohm coil clearomizer with a pyrex glass tank and stainless steel construction. Pyrex glass is excellent for its ability to withstand harsh e-liquids (like cinnamon or citrus flavors), which can damage polycarbonate tanks over time. The Atlantis has an RBA-like airflow control system, allowing you to customize your draw according to your vaping style.
The Atlantis uses bottom vertical coil (BVC) sub ohm heads, which can handle a lot of power and wick even thicker VG juices very well. With the help of adjustable airflow and a wide bore drip tip, the Atlantis yields RBA-like flavor and an equally impressive amount of vapor. 
If you are looking for great flavor and stupendous clouds without the hassle of rebuilding, the Atlantis is for you.

The Kanger Subtank Mini – For the Vaper who likes having Options

The Subtank Mini is the smaller version of the Kanger Subtank. Made of stainless steel, with a pyrex glass tank, it has adjustable airflow and, at 4.5 ml, more than double the capacity of the Atlantis (however, please note that SmokTek will soon have the 5ml tank tube for the Atlantis). 
And, it too aims to recreate the RBA experience through sub ohm coils (1.2 ohm coil heads are also available.) The Subtank series use organic cotton coils (OCC), which yield excellent flavor and a ton of vapor. But what truly sets the Subtank Mini apart from the Atlantis – and every other tank clearomizer before it! – is the RBA section

If you are curious about getting into rebuilding your own coils, the Subtank Mini is definitely for you. It comes with everything needed to get you started, including prebuilt coils and loose organic cotton. Switching between Clearomizer and RBA mode is as quick and easy as changing a coil! 

The Atlantis vs the Subtank Mini: The SmokTek Team Weighs In

The SmokTek team agrees you cannot go wrong with either of these two pioneering tank clearomizers. Even so, we were amazed to discover that the Aspire Atlantis sub ohm coils can handle an impressive amount of power and still perform great. If you like vaping at 30W-45W, we think you will be impressed as well. We unanimously agree that the adjustable airflow control on the Atlantis is one of its best features. Our resident dripper shared that the Atlantis superbly simulates the RBA experience for her, without the inconvenience of having to drip every few minutes. 
We are equally thrilled with the Kanger Subtank Mini, in large part due to the incredible ease of switching between Clearomizer and RBA mode. Using the RBA section is a breeze and each unit comes with a generous amount of organic cotton, sure to last a while. Finally, the flavor and vapor produced by the Subtank OCC coils at lower power settings is wonderful, so if you like vaping at 20W-25W, you will love the Subtank Mini.

So, the Aspire Atlantis or the Kanger Subtank Mini? It’s all in the eye of the beholder!

PLEASE NOTE: The Aspire Atlantis and Kanger Subtank come with sub ohm coils. Please only use these units with devices capable of handling sub ohm coils. If using a mechanical mod, please only use High Drain batteries with a high amp limit; if using a variable power mod, please use High Drain batteries in a device capable of putting out 20W or higher. NEVER use sub ohm coils on an eGo battery or a device that cannot handle sub ohm coils. It is for your safety!
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