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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aspire SkyStar Revvo TC210W Kit - Woodgrain

Aspire SkyStar Revvo TC210W Kit - Woodgrain
Full-featured 210W SkyStar mod with innovative Revvo tank!

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aspire skystar revvo kit-woodgrain effect


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Aspire SkyStar Revvo TC210W Kit in Woodgrain

The SkyStar Revvo Kit from Aspire features the SkyStar mod and Revvo atomizer with revolutionary ARC coils. With up to 210W of power, Temperature Control and a touchscreen interface, the SkyStar is a very versatile mod that is a pleasure to use. The included Revvo atomizer utilizes a top-fill, leak-proof design and adjustable airflow. The Revvo uses Aspire's groundbreaking Radial Coil (ARC) technology: the large disc-shaped coil sits horizontally inside the tank. This "stove-top" design significantly increases the surface area of the coil to deliver pure flavor and excellent vapor production from your favorite e-liquids!
The SkyStar mod is a Variable Voltage/Wattage and Temperature Control mod. In Variable Wattage (VW) mode, you can adjust wattage between 5.0-210.0W. In Temperature Control (TC) mode, you can adjust between 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit. TC mode supports the use of Nickel (Ni200), Stainless Steel (SS316) and Titanium (Ti) wire coils. You can dial in a custom TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) setting for other type of coil wires, such as NiFe, SS303 and others. The device also has Customizable Power Settings (CPS), like wattage preheat/ramp-up time, for a fully customized experience. If you enjoy using rebuildable atomizers on mechanical mods, the SkyStar can be set to Bypass mode in order to harness the full voltage output of the battery (similar to mechanical mods).

The SkyStar is very easy to use. You can adjust settings using the fire button and by swiping on the 1.3 inch OLED touchscreen (the fire button sits above the touchscreen). A center-mounted, spring-loaded 510 connection ensures the Revvo atomizer, or any other atty up to 25mm, sits flush and makes a proper connection every time. The SkyStar has an ergonomic design with rounded edges, so it feels great in the hand. The woodgrain effect finish and chrome trim give the device an elegant appearance.

Because the SkyStar is firmware upgradeable, it means this mod will remain relevant in your collection for a long time! The SkyStar is a dual-bettery mod which offers the convenience of user-replaceable batteries (not included). You can quickly swap out your drained batteries for freshly charged ones by removing the magnetic battery door. Charge the batteries separately with an appropriate Li-Ion battery charger, or take advantage of On-Board charging - with your drained batteries still in the device, plug in the included Micro USB charge cable into the Micro USB port on the front of the mod and then into a computer. Please note: batteries and/or Li-Ion charger are not included with this kit. Use the "Make it a Kit" menu above to get both at a discounted price. We recommend charging your batteries with a Li-Ion charger, as it will be much faster. If you choose to use On-Board charging, the manufacturer advises the batteries should NOT be removed from the device while they are actively charging - unplug the Micro USB charge cable from the device first. 

ARC coil for Aspire Revvo tankThe Revvo tank is a top-filling tank with 3.6ml liquid capacity. This is by far one of the easiest tanks to refill, thanks to a spring-loaded filling tube located in the center of the device (accessible through the mouthpiece) - this means there are no parts for you to take off or slide out each time you need to top off your Revvo! To fill with e-juice, locate the spring-loaded filling tube, insert your e-juice bottle nozzle (or glass dropper) and push down with minimal pressure. Please note: After filling up, release pressure on the filling tube to allow it to seal, then release pressure on your juice bottle before removing completely. This will draw off any excess e-juice and prevent spillage directly into the coil.

The Adjustable airflow is located at the top of the tank, rather than at the base, to minimize the chance of leakage. There are 3 large air inlets, which you can adjust by sliding the airflow ring left/right for a less or more airy draw. A 12mm wide bore delrin mouthpiece keeps vapor cool and vapor clouds voluminous. The Revvo utilizes Aspire's revolutionary ARC coil system. The "stove-top" coil has a horizontal design and uses organic cotton and spiral kanthal AF wire. Unlike other coils, it sits above the tank section containing your e-liquid. This kit comes with two sub ohm coils rated at 0.1-0.16 ohm (suggested wattage range is 50W-100W, best at 80W-85W). More coils are available here.

It is s very easy to change the coil on the Revvo atomizer. Simply unscrew the top section, unscrew the mounting screw holding the ARC coil in place, and slide out the old ARC coil. Then, slide over a fresh ARC coil, and screw the mounting screw and top section back on. Then mounting screw also functions as a spit-back guard. Please note: When using a new coil, please turn the tank up-side-down for 2 minutes to allow the wicking material to absorb some of the e-liquid - this will help prevent it from burning when you fire the mod. To make this process a little faster, prime the new coil before installing it - simply drip a few drops of e-juice directly onto the exposed cotton on the bottom of the ARC coil before installing it.

The SkyStar Revvo kit is an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced vapers looking for a powerful device and an atomizer with truly innovative features!

Choose the Make It a Kit option to get batteries, a Li-Ion charger and/or a wall adapter at a discounted price!

SkyStar mod Features:
  • While the device if OFF, click the fire button 5 times rapidly to turn the device ON. To turn it OFF, enter into Lock mode first by clicking the fire button 5 times until the screen displays "Locked Click 5x". Then, hold down the fire button for 2 seconds until the device turns off
  • Variable Voltage/Wattage, Temperature Control (TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS), Custom TCR mode, CPS mode, Bypass mode
  • Variable Wattage: from 5.0 - 210.0W. Variable Voltage: 0.5 - 9.0V
  • Temperature Control: from 200 - 600 degrees Fahrenheit ( or 100 - 315 degrees Celsius) 
  • Minimum/Maximum Atomizer Resistance: 0.1 ohm - 5.0 ohm
  • 1.3" OLED Touchscreen: Responsive touchscreen allows you to tap or swipe up/down/right to make adjustments within the options menu. For example, go to the selection menu by swiping down twice. Tap on the setting you'd like to adjust: to adjust Wattage/Voltage/Temperature/etc up or down, swipe up twice to reveal the "+" and "-" icons. Tap to make further adjustments. Clicking on the fire button will save your selection. The touchscreen can also be used to access other functions, like Modes, Data, System, Time, About, firmware version and QR code
  • Firmware Upgradeable: Use the included USB cable to connect the mod to your computer and keep your firmware up-to-date by downloading the latest updates directly from the manufacturer here
  • Removable Batteries: Uses 2 x FLAT TOP High Drain 18650 battery cells with minimum 25A rating (not included)
  • Protection Functions: Automatic cut-off, Over discharge protection, Overcharge protection, Short circuit protection, Over heat protection, Battery reverse protection
  • LOCK/UNLOCK: Lock the mod by clicking the fire button 5 times while the device is ON. The screen will display "Locked Click 5x" - to unlock, press the fire button 5 times again. In Locked mode, the device is still ON, but you can not make settings adjustments or fire the mod. This feature is handy if you need to transport your device in your purse, etc, but prefer not to shut it off completely
  • Stealth mode: Click the fire button 3 times rapidly while the device is ON to turn the screen off. While in stealth mode, the screen will be shut off, but the fire button will still work so you can vape. To turn the screen back on, click the fire button 3 times once more
Aspire SkyStar Revvo 210W Kit in Woodgrain
Revvo Atomizer Features:
  • Innovative Top-filling mechanism for easier-than-ever refills without removing any parts
  • Top Adjustable Airflow with 3 air slots to minimize leaks
  • Uses new Aspire Radial Coils (ARC) with revolutionary horizontal "stove-top" design. Increased surface area of the ARC coils means better flavor and vapor
  • Wide bore delrin mouthpiece to aid in vapor production and keep vapor cool
  • Durable Pyrex glass for protection from harsh liquids
  • Conical mounting screw acts as spit-back protector
  • 510 connector
  • Diameter is 24mm
  • Capacity is 3.6 ml 
The SkyStar Revvo Kit Includes: 
1 x SkyStar mod in Woodgrain finish
1 x Revvo atomizer (pre-installed with 0.1-0.16 ohm ARC coil. Recommended wattage: 50-100W/ best at 80-85W)
1 x Extra ARC coil (0.1-0.16 ohm)
1 x Extra replacement Pyrex glass tube
1 x USB charge cable
10 x Spare o-rings
1 x Protective silicone cap
1 x Instructional Manual
2 x Warning Cards
1 x Warranty Card

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend you take the time to carefully read the included User Manual for a detailed breakdown of all device features and proper usage. 

SkyStar mod Size: 91mm (3.6") x 50mm (1.9") x 33mm (1.3")
Revvo atomizer Size: 45mm (1.7") x 24mm (0.9")

Our standard 30 day warranty covers defective product.

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