ZNA 50 Variable Power, 50Watt APV - Stainless

ZNA 50, Variable Power, 50Watt APVThe ZNA 50 Advanced Personal Vaporizer replica is a powerful, easy to use variable wattage device with a unique look! A hybrid between a tube and a box mod, this APV feels great in the hand. It is made of stainless steel and allows you to adjust wattage between 7-50W in 0.1W increments. 

The ZNA 50 features an adjustable 510 connector, which will ensure that any device you put on it will fit flush. With up to 50W of power, this APV is able to run practically any device, from Clearomizers and Clearomizer Tanks to Rebuildables. To run eGo-threaded devices on this APV, you will need an eGo-510 connector; for 808 devices, you will need an 808-510 adapter

The ZNA 50 has an easy to read LED screen that displays your watt/volt output, atomizer resistance and battery life at a glance. The device can be Locked to prevent misfires, or set in Stealth or Power Locked mode for ease of vaping. In addition, the ZNA 50 offers Short Circuit and Reverse Battery protection.

This unit uses a single 18500 IMR battery OR a single 18650 IMR battery (when using the included extension tube.) The ZNA 50 will work with both button and flat top batteries, but we recommend using flat top batteries with this unit - it ensures the bottom cap fits flush. We strongly recommend only running High Drain IMR batteries in this device. Please remove the battery from the ZNA 50 if you will not be using the unit for an extended period of time - there is a residual current draw that will drain the battery if left in unused for prolonged periods of time. 

Never use non-rechargeable batteries in this or any other e-cig device! Only use the recommended batteries for this unit, it's for your safety.

Choose the Make It a Kit option to get batteries and a charger at a discounted price.

  • Variable Wattage: from 7.0 - 50.0 W in 0.1 watt increments
  • Minimum voltage output is 3.6 V and Maximum voltage output is 8.5 V
  • Minimum atomizer resistance is 0.3 ohms and Maximum atomizer resistance is 3.3 ohms
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Low and Weak Battery Warning: LED screen will display "Check battery" if the battery voltage is below 3.1v; LED screen will display "Weak battery" is there is excessive battery sag when firing
  • Excessive Temperature Protection: LED screen will display "Too hot" and the unit will shut down if the internal board temperature becomes excessive 
  • Lock Mode: Press the button 5 times quickly to lock or unlock the device. This setting helps prevent misfires when carrying the device in your purse or pocket
  • Stealth Mode: While the device is locked, press the fire button and the DOWN button simultaneously for 5 seconds. In this mode, the LED display will be turned off
  • Power Locked Mode: Hold down the UP and DOWN buttons for 2 seconds. This mode locks in your power settings and helps prevent any unwanted power adjustments if the UP and DOWN buttons are accidentally pressed 
  • LED screen adjustment: While the device is locked, press the fire button and the UP button simultaneously for 5 seconds. This mode allows you to flip the LED display
Each ZNA 50 comes pre-installed with an 18500 tube and includes an 18650 extension tube. Also included are 3 spare 510 connection pins, a miniature Phillips head screwdriver, an instructional manual and an After Sale Service Card from the manufacturer.

Size: Top cap diameter: 22mm / Width: 33mm (1.3") / Length: 18500 mode 91mm (3.58"), 18650 mode 106mm (4.17")

Our standard 30 day warranty covers defective product.
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