Have you tried the Joyetech Cubis yet

Joyetech Cubis Top-Filling AtomizerJoyetech recently released the Cubis atomizer. Although there are several atomizers with similar features, Joyetech's outside-the-box design sets the Cubis apart.

The Cubis is practically leak-proof. It's top-filling, easy to use, and lets you try sub ohm, above ohm, and temperature control vaping. And, in our opinion, it's the best mouth-to-lung (MTL) atty to hit the market since Aspire's Nautilus Clearomizer.  

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Temperature Control Vaping

Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC with Cubis atomizerOver the past year, Temperature Control (TC) mods have gone from a well-kept secret to mainstream devices. Some TC mods are still best suited for the knowledgeable tinkerer. But, there are several entry-level TC mods, which can take an intermediate user's vaping to the next level. SmokTek carries a selection of TC mods to suit both advanced and intermediate vapers. But first, let's look at how temperature control works. 

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What Do You Vape - SmokTek Staff answers Part 4

Have you ever wondered what SmokTek employees vape on a daily basis? 

This week, we continue our series on SmokTek staff's favorite devices with Marina's favorite set-up. Marina is a part of our Shipping team. We hope you enjoy reading about Marina's favorite set-up. Click on "Read More" to find out what it is and why she chose it! 

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What Do You Vape - SmokTek Staff answers Part 3

Have you ever wondered what SmokTek employees vape on a daily basis? 

We continue our series on SmokTek staff's favorite devices with Jenelle's favorite set-up. Jenelle is a part of both our Customer Service and Shipping teams. If she hasn't helped you over the phone, it's entirely possible she penned a personal thank you note on your order sheet. We hope you enjoy reading about Jenelle's favorite set-up. Click on "Read More" to find out what it is! 

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What Do You Vape - SmokTek Staff answers Part 2

Have you ever wondered what SmokTek employees vape on a daily basis? 

As mentioned in our earlier post, we are doing a small series on SmokTek staff's favorite vapes and why they reach for them. Last time, we shared Brad's go-to set-up. Brad is part of our Customer Service team - he may very well have helped you place an order over the phone, or answered your questions in chat! We hope you enjoyed reading about his favorite vape. If you missed it, click here.

Today we will look at Rob's daily vape. Rob is the founder and owner of SmokTek, and has also been vaping the longest. Curious what he's using these days? Click on "Read More" to find out! 
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What Do You Vape - SmokTek Staff answers Part 1

Have you ever wondered what SmokTek employees vape on a daily basis? 

Here at the SmokTek office, we are surrounded by nearly every kind of atomizer and mod imaginable. The products SmokTek staff enjoys undoubtedly influence the product recommendations we make to our customers. This is important, because it means we can stand behind our recommendations with confidence.

However, everyone around the SmokTek office has different must-haves, and we all have that one set-up we keep reaching for on a daily basis. We thought it would be fun to share with our readers what some of our favorite go-to vapes are, and why.  

Today, Brad from our Customer Service team shares what his favorite set-up is - click on "Read More" to find out! 
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SmokEjuice Blue

SmokEjuice Blue E-Liquid Premium Organic Flavors

What is SmokEjuice Blue? 

SmokEjuice Blue is SmokTek's premium line of e-liquid. It is made here in the U.S.A., with the highest quality, USP food grade PG/VG (40/60%) and natural organic flavorings. With 60% VG, more vapor is produced while still giving a good throat hit and excellent flavor.

Several flavors in our Blue line are also offered in 80%VG. These high VG flavors are specifically made with rebuildable atomizers and sub ohm clearomizers in mind. The higher concentration of VG results in huge clouds of vapor, sought after many drippers and sub ohm vapers today.

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Eleaf iStick 100W VV/VW APV - Video Overview and How To

Eleaf iStick 100W ModEleaf recently released the iStick 100W

The iStick 100W is very much in line with the series' tradition of ergonomically designed, easy-to-use variable volt/watt mods. This particular model is unique among the iSticks for its user-replaceable battery feature and its ability to go up to 100W.

Check out our quick video overview of the Eleaf iStick 100W, and a how-to guide on using it! 

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Joyetech eGo ONE Kit - Video Overview and How To

Joyetech eGo ONE Kit - Standard and XLThe Joyetech eGo ONE Kit is still one of the best starter kits for beginners. 

With its compact size, no settings to adjust, and two types of coils catering to two different styles of vaping, this kit is as user-friendly as it gets! Many veteran vapers would also appreciate its simplicity when looking for a no-fuss, travel-friendly device that delivers a satisfying vape every time.

Check out our quick video overview of the benefits of this great kit, plus a how-to guide on using it! 

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The Eleaf iStick 100W – A Beast of a Mod with Wide Appeal

Eleaf iStick 100W Varibale Watt/Volt Box ModThe popularity of the iStick series, a group of variable wattage/variable voltage mods, has made Eleaf a well-known name in the vaping world. Vapers of all experience levels love their iSticks for the compact size, user friendly features and budget pricing. Many own several!

Until recently, the most powerful iStick was the iStick 50W. Some vapers were left wanting more power, while others bemoaned the lack of removable batteries. Some did not like the way atomizers with larger diameters hang unattractively over the sides of their iStick.

Eleaf’s latest addition to the family, the iStick 100W, addresses all of these concerns, while retaining all of the features that make the iSticks so attractive to vapers.

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The NEW Aspire Triton Top Filling Sub-ohm Tank has Landed

The NEW Aspire Triton Top-Filling Sub-ohm Tank has Landed!

Aspire is a company with a great track record for either starting or staying at the fore-front of vaping trends.

First there was the Aspire Nautilus, then the Aspire Atlantis. Now, with the release of the Aspire Triton, will the vaping world see a new trend for high-end, top-filling, does-it-all tank clearomizers?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, read more about why this great new offering from Aspire could very well replace both your Nautilus and Atlantis tanks!

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Sub-ohm Box Mods

Looking for a Mod to take your Vaping to the Next Level?

We have compiled a short list of the newest, smallest and most user friendly mods to take your vaping to the next level. These devices are a great investment, because no matter where you are in your vaping journey, they can see you through to the next stage. They can handle any type of atomizer you throw at them, from regular clearomizers and cartomizer tanks, to sub ohm clearomizers, or rebuildable atomizers. These mods not only have a great range and awesome features, they are small; you don’t have to feel self-conscious carrying one of these little guys around. And, don’t be intimidated by the extra buttons and OLED screens; these mods are very easy to use. 

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Aspire Atlantis vs Kanger Subtank Mini

Aspire Atlantis & Kanger Subtank Mini
We compare a new line of products inspired by demanding vapers.

2014 was an exciting year for tank clearomizers. It saw the release of the groundbreaking and highly lauded Aspire Atlantis and Kanger Subtank series. Both feature innovative sub ohm coils, which can offer vapers a flavor and vapor experience on par with Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs) – all in the non-intimidating, user-friendly design familiar to every clearomizer user. But, how do you decide which one is right for you

Click on "Read More" to learn more about these pioneering atomizers and to help decide which one might be the perfect fit for you!

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VAMO V6 Tutorial and How To by Geri X

VAMO V6 SS Check out Geri X's informative overview of the new VAMO V6 25W APV! 

The VAMO V6 is a sturdy and reliable APV - it is great for vapers looking for a versatile device to use with a wide variety of toppers. With 25W at your disposal, you will be able to use everything from carto tanks and clearomizers, to RBAs and RDAs on this variable watt APV. This dual-mode device can be used in either 18350 or 18650 mode. The VAMO V6 is available in Stainless Steel, Chrome or Gunmetal, and offers several new upgrades/features from previous VAMOs, while retaining the same great design and easy-to-read OLED screen. Check it out!

Also, thank you to VapingGuides for the recent fantastic, in-depth review of the VAMO V6. Read it here!
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Kamry K1000 E-Pipe Kit How To

Check out Geri X's excellent introduction to the Kamry K1000 E-Pipe Kit

This is a great looking kit that's super easy to use! It is available in several colors with an anodized finish, making the K1000 E-Pipe practically smudge-proof. With its 510 connection, this unit is compatible with many devices on the market, and looks fantastic with the Aspire Nautilus Mini or the iClear 16 (and many more!) In the video below, Geri X shows a hassle-free way of attaching your device onto the K1000 E-pipe - and more!

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