Kamry Robot XII (The Slug) Mechanical Mod (body only)

The Robot XII by Kamry is a replica of the Slug Mechanical Mod. Made out of real wood with antique copper finish accents, this hard-hitting mechanical mod is easy to use and has a very unique appearance! 

The Robot XII has great conductivity and no voltage drop. It features a spring-loaded 510 connection and uses a distinctive firing mechanism: the firing switch heels back just like pulling back the trigger on a pistol! In addition, the firing switch can be locked to prevent misfires by simply turning the locking screw located directly below it clockwise (to unlock, turn counter-clockwise.) When you first receive the unit, please verify that the screw holding the firing switch in place is tight - if left unchecked, it can result in the screw falling out with use over time. Please take care not to unscrew the locking screw too much as it can become loose and fall out. 

The Robot XII runs on a single flat or button top 18650 protected and IMR battery. To use the device, simply unscrew the vented bottom cap at the bottom of the device, take out the brass battery tube, insert your battery into the tube with the negative pole down, and put back into the unit. Screw the bottom cap back on and you are ready to vape. 

Choose the Make it a Kit option to get batteries and a charger at a discounted price!

Size: Length 92.4mm (3.64") / Width 30.6mm (1.20") / Diameter 44.8mm (1.76")

Never use non-rechargeable batteries in this or any other e-cig device! Only use the recommended batteries for this unit, it's for your safety.
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