Good news! We are now allowing registered local customers to buy online and pickup from our retail store at 4201 62nd Ave. N. in Pinellas Park, FL. Several requests each week made this come to life.

If you have an account with is, all you need to do (one-time) is to request to be added to the "Local" group via our form on the Contact Us page or email [email protected]. If you aren't registered with us yet, please create an account here, Add yourself to the LOCAL group, then email us at [email protected] to request to be activated. Simple and fast!

After you are added to the group, you will see a new shipping option at checkout that looks like this:

You can place your order online and pick it up the next day between 1-6pm, Monday-Friday. As soon as we process your order, you will get an email notification that your order is ready for pickup. If you didn't get an email, calling ahead at 727-697-7316 is suggested just to make sure it's ready before you head out.

We are making local pickups available as a convenience for you and a way to save money over retail pricing. You are always welcome to browse the store while you're here if you need anything else right away.

I hope this helps, give it a go and let me know what you think. Thanks.
-Rob and Crew at SmokTek
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