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MNKE IMR26650 3500mAh, High Drain, 3.7V LiMn battery - flat top
IMR 26650 battery-3500mAh

MNKE IMR26650 3500mAh, High Drain, 3.7V LiMn battery - flat top

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MNKE IMR26650 High Amp Flat Top 3500mAh 3.7V Rechargeable LiMn battery - Great for sub-ohm mods
Part Number: MNKE IMR26650 battery-3500-flat
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MNKE IMR26650 3500mAh, High Drain, 3.7V Rechargeable LiMn battery - Flat Top (single)

High Amp, Safe chemistry LiMN means no risk of venting with flame or explosion. Ideal for use in multiple cell applications. Great for sub-ohm builders!

Please note that due to their inherent safety, IMR cells don't have a protection circuit built in. They should never be discharged below 2.5 volts or cycle life/performance will be reduced. Maximum charge voltage is 4.25 volts. Please check your cells with a volt meter during initial charging to be sure that your charger cuts off below this level, or cycle life will be reduced.


  • Size: 26650
  • Model: MNKE 26650H
  • Type: Li-Mn (High Drain)
  • Rated Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Peak Voltage: 4.2V
  • Maximum Continuous Discharging Current  20  A    
  • Maximum Instantaneous Discharging Current   60 A    
  • Maximum Continuous Charging Current      6.5 A    
  • Maximum Rated Discharging Current   30  A    
  • Maximum Charge Voltage      4.2±0.05   V    
  • Temperature Range/Discharge      -20~60  degree   
  • Temperature Range/Charge    0~45   degree     
  • Temperature Range/Storage   -20~35   degree  
  • Internal Resistance at Shipping      13±2  mO
  • Dimensions: 26.3mm X 65.5mm
  • Rechargable: Yes
  • Protected: No
  • Chemistry: Lithium manganese Dioxide (Li-Mn02) 
  • Style: Raised Flat Top
  • Color: Orange
Please Note: Must be charged with a Li-Ion Charger. Do not use a NIMH Charger. Please use an appropriate, quality charger and never leave to charge unattended. Do not carry in your pocket alongside keys or change - doing so may cause the battery to discharge/explode.

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