Innokin iClear 10 Single Coil Clearomizer - 1.8 ohm

The iClear 10 is a Single Coil clearomizer that is very easy to use! It is 510 threaded, has 1 ml capacity and comes pre-installed with a 1.8 ohm coil. This top-coil clearomizer is designed with the iTaste EP in mind, but works great withKanger E-smart 510 batteries and other 510 threaded eGo's/510 devices. 

The iClear 10 is very easy to fill! Simply pull out the translucent drip tip, tilt and fill into the side with 1ml of e-liquid (try not to get liquid in the center, that is for air flow). A needle-tip bottlemakes the task effortless. 
Allow for a few minutes for the e-liquid to soak the coils properly, then screw onto your device and you are ready to vape!

The iClear 10 is available in several colors to match your EP battery - or other 510 batteries like the Kanger E-smart!

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