The NEW Aspire Triton Top-Filling Sub-ohm Tank has Landed!

Aspire is a company with a great track record for either starting or staying at the fore-front of vaping trends.

In 2014, Aspire rocked the industry with the release of its Nautilus clearomizer. The Aspire Nautilus was praised for its pure flavor, thanks to the use of the then new bottom vertical coils (BVC). This clearomizer was an instant hit, and remains popular. For many, the Aspire Nautilus is still the default recommendation for new vapers because of its superb performance. 

Later in the same year, Aspire “did it again” with the release of the Atlantis. The Aspire Atlantis was one of the first sub ohm clearomizers on the market – clearomizers which aim to recreate the experience of using a Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA). Sub ohm clearomizers were perhaps the biggest trend that year, introducing many who never dabbled with RBAs to a whole new way of vaping. While the sub ohm craze is beginning to settle down, the Aspire Atlantis is still regarded as a solid performer, capable of producing huge clouds of vapor.

This year, Aspire came out with their latest clearomizer offering, the Triton. The Aspire Triton could easily replace both your Nautilus and Atlantis, while firing off a trend for top-filling atomizers that many vapers would welcome. Read on to learn more about this great new atomizer!

The Aspire Triton – Regular and Sub ohm Coils, and Top-Fill!

Do you enjoy sub ohm vaping? Or do you prefer regular coils? Perhaps you enjoy both, depending on your mood. If that is the case, then the Aspire Triton is for you – you can switch between either style of vaping as easily as switching out a coil.

The Aspire Triton is made of stainless steel, with a pyrex glass tank, and has 3.5 ml capacity. It uses 0.4 sub ohm coils, as well as 1.8 ohm coils. With the 0.4 ohm coil, enjoy direct lung inhales that produce big plumes of vapor. With the 1.8 ohm coil, take mouth to lung inhales, mimicking the feel of taking a puff on a cigarette. The Triton coils use organic Japanese cotton for excellent flavor and lots of vapor. As an added bonus, the Triton is fully compatible with the coils for the Aspire Atlantis (and visa versa) – so if you have any spare coils for your Atlantis lying around, you can use them in your Triton too.

A great feature on the Aspire Triton is the new adjustable airflow control at the base. Instead of clicking into place, the airflow ring now spins freely, giving you more precise control than ever on an Aspire tank. Yet, it holds well enough to keep from unwanted spinning. Additionally, you can adjust airflow at the drip tip! This is a helpful feature for cooling down the vapor produced when you are sub ohm vaping on high power settings.

However, the stand-out feature on the Aspire Triton is its top-fill system. Top-fill means that you no longer have to take your tank off of your device each time you need more e-juice. No more leaking from the base of your atomizer after each refill either. Any time you need to top off your tank, simply twist the adjustable ring along the top, and pull off the top finned section – easy peesy!

The Aspire Triton is a versatile clearomizer, which combines the best of the Aspire Nautilus and Aspire Atlantis. Its top-fill system is quick, easy to use, and mess-free. An optional RTA system for the Aspire Triton (sold separately) will also allow you to build your own coils for this great new tank. The Aspire Triton RTA system is coming soon to SmokTek, so keep an eye out!
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