Vapeonly vPipe II Bottom Changeable Coil (BCC) Kit

Vapeonly vPipe II BCC Kit

The vPipe II by Vapeonly is a great-looking e-pipe modeled after authentic pipes. The vPipe II is automatic, which means there are no buttons to press each time you want to vape! This beautifully-designed mod feels great in the hand and features a red LED at the top of the bowl, which lights up each time you inhale. The device uses a bottom changeable coil system: the mouthpiece comes off to reveal an atomizer tank (1ml capacity), which houses the coil unit. In addition, the vPipe II offers several kinds of protection, including Short Circuit and Low Voltage protection.

Changing the coil and filling the vPipe II is easy! To change the coil, pull off the mouthpiece, unscrew the atomizer tank and unscrew the base of the atomizer tank. Then, simply pull out the old coil head and insert a new one. Screw the base back onto the atomizer tank. 
To fill the vPipe, hold the atomizer tank up-side-down, unscrew the base and tilt at a slight angle. Fill with e-liquid to about the top of the center tube (do not get e-liquid down the center tube, it is for airflow!) Then screw the base back on, screw the atomizer tank back into the vPipe and replace the mouthpiece. If using a new coil, allow a few minutes for the e-liquid to fully saturate the coil before vaping.

The vPipe II runs on a single button or flat top 18350 protected/IMR battery. The vPipe is very simple to operate: unlock the switch cover on top of the bowl by turning counter-clockwise and insert one flat or button top 18350 battery with the negative pole down. Put the switch cover back on by turning it clockwise. You are now ready to vape!

  • Automatic: no buttons to press!
  • Bottom Changeable Coil - save money by changing only the coil
  • Constant Voltage Output is 3.3V
  • Short Circuit Protection: If a short circuit occurs, the LED will flash 3 times, which means the device has no voltage output
  • Atomizer Protection: If you vape for more than 10 seconds at a time, the voltage will be cut down automatically and the LED will flash 10 times
  • Low Voltage Protection: When voltage is below 3.3V, the LED will flash 10 times and the device will cease operation
  • Battery Inversion Protection: If the battery is inserted incorrectly, the unit will not work to protect the circuit from damage

1 x vPipe II body
1 x vPipe II atomizer (pre-installed with a 1.8 ohm bottom coil head)
1 x extra coil bottom coil head (2.2 ohm)
1 x vPipe II mouthpiece
2 x 18350 900mAh IMR batteries
1 x 18350 charger
1 x User Manual
1 x Nice decorative storage box to store when not in use

Pick up a set of spare batteries and an E-Pipe Display Stand for your new mod from the Make it a Kit selection menu above!

Never use non-rechargeable batteries in this or any other e-cig device! Only use the recommended batteries for this unit, it's for your safety.

Size: Length 160mm (6.2") / Diameter 52mm (2.05")

Our standard 30 day warranty covers defective product.
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