What Do You Vape? 

Brad from our Customer Service team shares his go-to vape!

When helping vapers decide upon a setup that works best for them, I field a wide variety of questions, but one question arises more frequently than any other, “What do YOU vape?” Before looking at what I vape, let’s look at what I look for in a mod-tank combination.

    1. Performance – While each of the qualities listed below factor into what I vape, a satisfying draw with great flavor tops the list. 
    2. Portability – It’s important to me that I can put my setup in my pocket and forget about it when I’m not using it. 
    3. Battery Life – With a freshly charged battery, I want my device to last at least a day between charges. 
    4. E-liquid Conservation – I vape quite a bit, and while there are juice guzzlers that I love and use, I look for an ADV (all day vape) that provides the aforementioned performance without eating through 10+ ML per day. 
    5. Reliability – I don’t want to spend as much time fussing with my setup as I do vaping it. 
With these qualities in mind, what mod-tank pairing do I reach for more than any other? The Eleaf iStick 30W with an Aspire Nautilus 5 ML Tank.

Eleaf iStick 30W Mod with Aspire Nautilus tank
When Eleaf released the iStick 20W, I primarily used the Aspire Nautilus Mini 2 ML Tank, but when Eleaf released the 30W iStick with the lip to accommodate larger tanks, I found that the extra size of the 5 ML Nautilus does not bother me, and I appreciate the longer duration between filling the tank.

Let’s look at how the Eleaf iStick 30W with the Aspire Nautilus meets the aforementioned criteria. 

    1. Performance – Topping out at 30 watts, the iStick 30W provides more than enough power for the Aspire Nautilus, which can handle up to 15W. I find that my sweet spot is 10 watts. While I won’t be winning any cloud competitions with this setup, the vapor production is excellent for a mouth-to-lung tank, and the flavor is clear and concentrated. Just as important to me, the throat hit is exactly what I’m looking for – a dense kick without irritation.
    2. Portability – At right around 5 ½ inches in height fully assembled, I can slide this setup into my pocket without worrying about it restricting my movement or breaking due to sideways pressure. 
    3. Battery Life – With a 2200mAh battery, the Eleaf iStick 30 lasts between a day and a half and two days between charges. Even better, it’s pass-through capability bails me out when I forget to charge it by allowing me to vape while it’s charging.
    4. E-liquid Conservation – Again, I vape a lot throughout the day, and running this setup at 10 watts, I run through about 3-4 ML of e-liquid per day. With the 5 ML capacity of the Nautilus, this means that I top off the e-liquid once per day. It also means that a 30 ML bottle of e-liquid lasts between 8-10 days.
    5. Reliability – With the Eleaf iStick 30W and the Aspire Nautilus I get the same hit every time. Each offers solid construction, and the iStick’s spring-loaded center pin ensures that my Nautilus sits flush every time and makes proper connection with the iStick. 
Everyone has his or her own list of must-haves in a mod-tank combination, but as you can see, the Eleaf iStick 30W and the Aspire Nautilus 5 ML Tank suit my needs very well. If your list of desirable traits is similar to mine, you have to try this combo! Note: I use the Anodized Shorty Drip Tip with the Aspire Nautilus, because it provides tight mouth-to-lung hits even with the airflow opened to its largest setting. Combining good airflow with a tighter draw provides more concentrated flavor.

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Eleaf iStick 30W Mod (body only) Aspire Nautilus 5ml BVC Tank Anodized Shorty Drip Tip

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