What Do You Vape? 

Rob, the founder and owner of SmokTek shares his go-to vape!

Rob has a wide array of devices sitting on his work desk - everything from eGo batteries, to mechanical and regulated mods. But, it is no small secret that Rob's personal favorite is the Kanger E-smart. Ever since KangerTech released the Kanger E-smart, Rob has been using it daily. Why?

The Kanger E-smart is small and lightweight, making it discreet and very portable. Rob always has two nestled in his shirt pocket. The E-smart battery has a respectable battery life, and one can easily get a day's worth of vaping from the two units included in the E-smart Kit. These little guys are also surprisingly sturdy, capable of withstanding many a fall - you are more likely to see the finish on the battery chip long before you notice a dip the battery performance! 

Kanger E-smart BCC Kit
However, what Rob is most impressed with is the flavor of the E-smart clearomizer. Rob has one filled with his all-time favorite e-liquid, Desert Ship, and another with Blue Sky. The draw on the E-smart is just right - not too airy, and not too tight. For the size of this device, flavor and vapor production is impressive. Coils are long-lasting - Rob finds that he changes the coil every 1.5 - 2 weeks. Since the coil is integrated into the base of the clearomizer, changing coils is also quick and easy.

Asked if there are any draw backs to the Kanger E-smart, Rob admits that if one is not careful, it is easy to over-tighten the battery when charging - this can compress the center pin, and prevent the battery from making a good connection with the clearomizer. Rob's tip to get around this potential issue: only screw the battery onto the USB charger until the LED light on the power button begins flashing.

There is no doubt the Kanger E-smart Kit is great for beginners, but as Rob shows, it may surprise even veteran vapers. Available in several colors, each kit comes with 2 x batteries/clearomizers, a USB charging cable and a wall adapter, and an instructional manual.  

Click on the images to shop for the Kanger E-smart Kit, or for its components separately:

Kanger E-smart BCC Kit Kanger E-smart 510 Battery Kanger E-smart BCC Clearomizer
Kanger E-smart BCC coil heads Kanger E-smart USB Charger

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