Zenith V2 Clone Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Brass or Black

The Zenith V2 is a rebuildable dripping atomizer made of stainless steel with a brass - or black - airflow control ring. Like the Plume Veil, this is a very user-friendly RDA. 

The Zenith V2 is great for dual or quad coil builds. Instead of holes, the posts have slots, which make it very easy to fit your leads through each terminal. Additionally, the Zenith V2 uses an Allen key to adjust the screws to pin down your wire, eliminating any worry about stripping screws over time. This rebuildable atomizer also features a delrin insulator, designed to keep your drip tip cool. 

The Zenith V2 has adjustable airflow: three wide cyclops air holes can easily be aligned with your coils by slightly unscrewing the upper part of the top cap and rotating the brass airflow control ring to your liking (screw the top cap down to "lock" in place.)

The Zenith V2 has an adjustable brass 510 connection. This RDA is very easy to disassemble - simply grip and pull off the top cap to reveal the build deck. This unit comes with an Allen key, spare o-rings and screws, as well as kanthal wire and silica wick. 

This unit does not come pre-installed with wick and wire and does not include a drip tip.

Size: Height 24mm (0.94")/Diameter : 22mm (0.86")

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