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Dr. Derek Yach Launches Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Posted by on 9/14/2017 to General News
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This week, Dr. Derek Yach officially launched the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. The independent, non-profit organization was created in part to support research on smoking harm-reduction products, including vapor products. It has already managed to secure "initial funding of approximately US$80 million annually over the next 12 years", courtesy of Philip Morris International (PMI). The move has caused some vapers to raise a skeptical brow.

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E-Cigarettes Carry Much Less Risk of Lung Cancer Than Cigarette Smoke

Posted by on 8/31/2017 to General News
A new study from the University of St. Andrews assessed the cancer risk of cigarettes, heat-not-burn cigarettes, medicinal nicotine inhalers and e-cigarettes. Researchers found that e-cigarettes have "less than 1 percent" of the cancer potency of traditional cigarettes.

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Tobacco Treatment Specialist on E-Cigarettes and Popcorn Lung

Posted by on 8/18/2017 to General News
Dr. Colin Mendelsohn, a Tobacco Treatment Specialist based in Australia, answers the question of whether e-cigarette use puts vapers at risk of popcorn lung.

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Great News for Vapers in the USA!

Posted by on 7/28/2017 to General News
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Today the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new comprehensive regulatory plan that will focus on nicotine in order to curb addiction and to reduce tobacco-related disease and deaths.

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SmokTek now carries Herbal Vapes!

Posted by on 11/2/2016 to General News
Herbal Vapes now in Stock at SmokTek

We are happy to announce that we now carry some of the most popular portable herbal vapes on the market. You'll find the latest offerings from renowned and innovative brands like Storz & Bickel, Grenco Science, Vapium and Haze Technologies.

All of these vaporizers are rated highly for their functionality, flavor quality, vapor output, and of course, their portability! Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, these herbal vapes are sure to impress.

Check out our selection of herbal vaporizers here!

E.U. Survey Finds E-Cigarettes Helped 15 Million Smokers Quit or Cut Back

Posted by on 6/28/2016 to General News
A recent study published in the journal Addiction revealed that more than 6 million people in Europe have quit smoking by using e-cigarettes. The study also offers further support against the claim that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking. 

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Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition files lawsuit on behalf of vapor industry

Posted by on 6/24/2016 to General News
On June 20th, the Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition filed a lawsuit against portions of the FDA's Deeming Regulation and the Tobacco Control Act. The suit, filed on behalf of the vapor industry, challenges the FDA on constitutional and administrative grounds.

If successful, this lawsuit would protect not only the American Vapor Industry as a whole, but your right to vape.

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E-cigarettes act as a roadblock to combustible tobacco

Posted by on 6/23/2016 to General News
A recent article over at the MedicalXpress highlights a new study from the UK Centre for Substance Use Research. Contrary to popular myth, the study found that "e-cigarettes are playing an important role in reducing the likelihood of young people smoking, in many cases acting as a 'roadblock' to combustible tobacco."

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FDA Regulations on Vaping and How YOU Can Help

Posted by on 5/10/2016 to General News
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Last week, the FDA's Final Deeming Rule was released. As expected, the rule spells disaster for the American Vapor Industry. The FDA now officially classifies vapor products as tobacco, and plans on regulating them as such.

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UK Royal College of Physicians Endorses E-Cigarettes while the US is still on the fence about Vaping

Posted by Marina on 4/29/2016 to General News
This week saw some big news for vaping: the Royal College of Phycians (RCP) released a 200 page report strongly endorsing e-cigarettes. Founded in 1518, the RCP is England's oldest medical college. Their unbiased report, titled Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction, may prove to be hugely influential in creating policies regarding e-cigarettes in the UK. Due to its comprehensive analysis of the science and public policy surrounding e-cigarettes, the disapproval of several damaging myths associated with vaping, as well as the emphasis on the low risks associated with vaping, the report could have a positive impact on advancing the case of e-cigarettes well beyond the borders of the UK.

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Vaping as a Recreational Alternative to Smoking

Posted by on 4/27/2016 to General News
In a guest article over at the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), Sarah Jakes writes about re-framing vaping as a "recreational alternative to smoking". She argues that public health should adopt a "holistic approach" to vaping as effective tobacco harm reduction.

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Celebrity Doctor Margaret Cuomo Insists On Misleading Smokers About Vaping Hazards

Posted by on 3/28/2016 to General News

In a Forbes article published last week, author J. Sullum takes a look at a controversial video recently posted by The Huffington Post. The video features celebrity doctor Margaret Cuomo, who claims vaping is "at least as harmful" as smoking. It has caused a stir since its release, due to the many unsubstantiated or misleading claims made within. Some have also criticized Dr Cuomo for making these statements, characterizing them as medical malpractice. 

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Have you tried the Joyetech Cubis yet

Posted by on 3/18/2016 to General News
Joyetech Cubis Top-Filling AtomizerJoyetech recently released the Cubis atomizer. Although there are several atomizers with similar features, Joyetech's outside-the-box design sets the Cubis apart.

The Cubis is practically leak-proof. It's top-filling, easy to use, and lets you try sub ohm, above ohm, and temperature control vaping. And, in our opinion, it's the best mouth-to-lung (MTL) atty to hit the market since Aspire's Nautilus Clearomizer.  

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Temperature Control Vaping

Posted by on 3/10/2016 to General News
Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC with Cubis atomizerOver the past year, Temperature Control (TC) mods have gone from a well-kept secret to mainstream devices. Some TC mods are still best suited for the knowledgeable tinkerer. But, there are several entry-level TC mods, which can take an intermediate user's vaping to the next level. SmokTek carries a selection of TC mods to suit both advanced and intermediate vapers. But first, let's look at how temperature control works. 

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Dr. Farsalinos responds to article claiming vaping is a million times more harmful than outdoor air

Posted by on 3/8/2016 to General News
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