Stop the FDA from Banning Nearly ALL Vapor Products

CASAA Call To ActionThe Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is asking for vapers' help nationwide, to prevent the FDA from banning nearly all vapor products from the market.

Please, take the time to read their call to action here. You will find quick links to contact your Representative and Senator. It only takes a minute, and your voice could make all the difference in saving the U.S. vaping industry.

Help keep vaping around for current and future vapers everywhere!
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What Do You Vape - SmokTek Staff answers Part 1

Have you ever wondered what SmokTek employees vape on a daily basis? 

Here at the SmokTek office, we are surrounded by nearly every kind of atomizer and mod imaginable. The products SmokTek staff enjoys undoubtedly influence the product recommendations we make to our customers. This is important, because it means we can stand behind our recommendations with confidence.

However, everyone around the SmokTek office has different must-haves, and we all have that one set-up we keep reaching for on a daily basis. We thought it would be fun to share with our readers what some of our favorite go-to vapes are, and why.  

Today, Brad from our Customer Service team shares what his favorite set-up is - click on "Read More" to find out! 
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Celebrate Thanksgiveaway with SmokTek

Without all of our great customers, SmokTek wouldn't be here. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, SmokTek is doing a giveaway as a show of our thanks to YOU, our amazing customers! 

During Thanksgiveway, SmokTek will give away one free gift to one order each day until Thanksgiving. 

Every day, we will determine a winner using a random number generator. Your free gift will be an extra of one of the items on your order. For example, if you ordered a bottle of e-liquid, you would get an extra one. Or, if you ordered a Kanger Subox Nano Kit , you would get an extra kit, and so on. 

Everyone who places an order with SmokTek between today (11/16) and Thanksgiving (11/26) is automatically entered in this giveaway.

We thank all of our customers for their continued business, and for allowing us to do what we love.

We hope you enjoy Thanksgiveaway!!

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