Urgent - Florida Vapers Please Sign

Please Sign

If you are a vaper and you live in Florida, we need your help! Please sign the petition against HB 1143 - this bill could potentially close down your favorite vape shops for good! Read a break-down on the devastating impact HB 1143 could have on you and local vape shops here.

Please click on the banner above or click here to go to Florida Smoke Free Association's (FSFA) website for instructions on what to do. This is a time-sensitive matter: the deadline to turn in petitions is Tuesday, February 2nd, so please do not wait.

Thank you for your help and vape on!
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Lies And Deception Are Clouding Public View Of E-Cigarette Safety


"An Ohio Health Issues Poll (OHIP) shows a stunning amount of Ohio residents misunderstand the alleged dangers of e-cigarettes, which could 'reverse decades of progress' explaining the unique harm of smoking, according to a leading public health expert."

Please click on "Read More" for the full article.

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Cessation - beneath the startling numbers a study in scientific doubt

VapingA recently released study argues that vaping is not an adequate smoking cessation tool - and may actually keep smokers hooked on cigarettes. If you are a vaper and that sentence made you scratch your head, you are not alone. Unsurprisingly, the study has caused a "furore" in vaping circles.

An article published over at ECigIntelligence takes a long, hard look at the study and explains in detail why we have more than one good reason to doubt the its findings.

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We Need Your Feedback

SmokTek SmokEjuice Survey

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you better. We appreciate your business and want to make sure that we continue to meet your expectations. 

Please help us by taking a few minutes to tell us about your e-liquid usage and preferences - the results of this survey will be used to ensure we maintain the highest level of service and range of e-liquids to best suit your vaping needs.

Please click here or on the banner above to take a quick survey.

Thank you!
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E-cigarettes are not as bad for you as regular cigarettes

Vaping"Despite reports suggesting e-cigarettes are just as bad for you as cigarettes, some scientists are actively denying the claim. . . the research, which made headlines last week, failed to compare the damage between e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes fairly," begins a short article from International Business Times. This is an important point, the omission of which could have devastating consequences for smokers who have exhausted all other avenues for quitting.

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Statement by Attorney General Tom Miller on Electronic Cigarettes

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller recently issued a statement on e-cigarettes, arguing in favor of e-cigs over analog cigarettes. 

Please click on "Read More" to read the full statement.

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