Celebrity Doctor Margaret Cuomo Insists On Misleading Smokers About Vaping Hazards

In a Forbes article published last week, author J. Sullum takes a look at a controversial video recently posted by The Huffington Post. The video features celebrity doctor Margaret Cuomo, who claims vaping is "at least as harmful" as smoking. It has caused a stir since its release, due to the many unsubstantiated or misleading claims made within. Some have also criticized Dr Cuomo for making these statements, characterizing them as medical malpractice. 

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Have you tried the Joyetech Cubis yet

Joyetech Cubis Top-Filling AtomizerJoyetech recently released the Cubis atomizer. Although there are several atomizers with similar features, Joyetech's outside-the-box design sets the Cubis apart.

The Cubis is practically leak-proof. It's top-filling, easy to use, and lets you try sub ohm, above ohm, and temperature control vaping. And, in our opinion, it's the best mouth-to-lung (MTL) atty to hit the market since Aspire's Nautilus Clearomizer.  

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Temperature Control Vaping

Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC with Cubis atomizerOver the past year, Temperature Control (TC) mods have gone from a well-kept secret to mainstream devices. Some TC mods are still best suited for the knowledgeable tinkerer. But, there are several entry-level TC mods, which can take an intermediate user's vaping to the next level. SmokTek carries a selection of TC mods to suit both advanced and intermediate vapers. But first, let's look at how temperature control works. 

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Dr. Farsalinos responds to article claiming vaping is a million times more harmful than outdoor air

Over at his Scientific Blog, Dr. Farsalinos weighed in on a recently published article claiming that vaping is "a million times more harmful than outdoor air". Dr Farsalinos expresses doubts over the methodology used by Hong Kong researchers, and provides some quick evidence supporting the opposite of the article's claim.

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