UK Royal College of Physicians Endorses E-Cigarettes while the US is still on the fence about Vaping

This week saw some big news for vaping: the Royal College of Phycians (RCP) released a 200 page report strongly endorsing e-cigarettes. Founded in 1518, the RCP is England's oldest medical college. Their unbiased report, titled Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction, may prove to be hugely influential in creating policies regarding e-cigarettes in the UK. Due to its comprehensive analysis of the science and public policy surrounding e-cigarettes, the disapproval of several damaging myths associated with vaping, as well as the emphasis on the low risks associated with vaping, the report could have a positive impact on advancing the case of e-cigarettes well beyond the borders of the UK.

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Vaping as a Recreational Alternative to Smoking

In a guest article over at the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), Sarah Jakes writes about re-framing vaping as a "recreational alternative to smoking". She argues that public health should adopt a "holistic approach" to vaping as effective tobacco harm reduction.

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